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360 Non-Wing Sprints - Thunderbowl Raceway

Thursday, October 18, 2012


The 19th Annual Trophy Cup took place over the weekend with a 3 day event starting on Thursday with the first ever Non-Wing portion of the famed open-wheel points race. 37 cars attended the first annual event. After being 10th our for qualifying Chris would put the car in the 16th qualifying position. With five heat races with the first 6 cars inverted Chris would start on the inside of the second row of the first stacked heat race. After a battle with Ryan Bernal, Danny Sheridan, & Andy Forsburg Chris would bring the car home in the 4th position at the end of the heat race. With only the top 3 cars of heat race transferring Chris would have to race his way into the A-Main through a B-Main. Chris would start outside of the front row and quickly take the lead going into turn 1. After leading the race well past halfway of the 20 laps race Chris would lose the lead after hitting a hole in turn one, and would lose a few more positions after a bad pass attempt by another competitor. After the dust settled on the B-Main Chris would finish in the 4th position giving him an automatic transfer into the A-Main. Starting mid-field Chris would be battling with drivers in almost every corner. Almost midway through the 30 lap race Chris was ran over from behind spinning him out bringing out the yellow flag. Just a few laps after the restart the same driver would cause another yellow involving several cars and Chris had to spin the car to avoid the accident, killing the motor in the process. Although it was for safety reasons the officals deemed it as being involved in two incidents ending Chris's evening and the 2012 season.

USAC West Coast 360 Sprints - Kings Speedway

Saturday, October 13, 2012


The "Cotton Classic" was the USAC West Coast 360s final points race of the 2012 season. Chris arrived when hopes to get in some good practice before Thursday's big "Trophy Cup" race at Thunderbowl Raceway in Tulare. Chris would qualify the #86 Chris Ennis Racing entry in the 12th position, directly mid-pack of the 24 car field. In the heat race Chris was running inside a transfer position until a jacob's ladder gave way entering turn 3 ending his heat race and sending him to the 'B' Main. Starting on the outside of the front row Chris would get a goodf start almost taking the lead out of turn 2 before settling into second. After a good battle with the #87 of Kirkbride, Chris would come home in the second position transferring into the 'A' Main and would recieve his qualifying time back. Starting on the outisde of the th row for the 'A' Main Chris would get a front row seat to Tyler Dolacki's vicous flip on the front straightaway of the opening lap. After the long red flag stop to repair the fence the race would resume without another stop to the race in the next 30 laps. After all the dust fell, Chris would finish just inside the top 10 for the evening. This would give chris the 14th finishing position in the 2012 USAC West Coast Sprint Car Series Championship Points Standings.

USAC Western Midget Series - Petaluma Speedway

Saturday, October 06, 2012


Saturday was the first annual Petaluma 101-lapper. Chris had to drive over half way across the state to get to Petaluma Speedway that lies north of San Franscisco. Chris drove the Neverlift Motorsports Spike Midget at the Bay Cities Racing Association event. After coming in 2nd on a strong qualifying effort Chris was automatically locked into the Main event. With a 4 car invert Chris would start on the inside of the second row. After a close battling start Chris would find himself battling inside the top 5 for most of the first half of the race. At the mandatory stop at 50 laps Chris would be in the 6th position. On the restart of the second half Chris would find his way back into the top 5 before having to get on the brakes to avoid an accident losing several positions. After falling back all the way into 9th Chris was able to gain some more positions after the last restart taking home the 6th finishing position.

USAC West Coast 360 Sprint Car Series - Santa Maria Speedway

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Chris made the long drive north from San Diego to race at the Billet Cup hosted by Santa Maria Speedway. The night started out rough with loose car and a dry slick track in qualifying. With passing points, a heat race, and qualifier the nights events were very interesting. Chris had a hard heat race as he lost a few spots of the start but was able to gain some back in the last few laps of the heat giving him a fifth place finish. In the qualifier the track was very fast but only have one line around most of the track. With some fast cars, a hooked up race track, and few yellows Chris was only able to move up two positions.


In the main event the invert gave Chris the second starting position on the outside of the front row. On the initial start Chris pulled away from the pole sitter going into turn one and laid on the gas. At the end of the first lap Chris had almost a straightaway lead on second place. Several laps into the race the top 3 cars had began to pull away from the rest of the field until a yellow flag came out on lap 10. Chris would again pull a gap on second place on the restart giving himself a nice lead until another caution just a few laps later. On the second restart cars had began challenging for second place and eventually challenged Chris for the lead. bout halfway through the race Chris battled for lead with Mike Spencer until some bad luck would strike Chris's car. A heim on the steering was pushed through due to the rough track and the car became undriveable ending the teams race for the night.

USAC Western Midget Series - Bakersfield Speedway

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Chris returns to midget racing since the first time since Chili Bowl earlier this year in Janurary. Chris would be piloting the Neverlift Motorsports #151 Spike Chassis for David Prickett Racing. NLM had lost a motor earlier in the month and had to get a new motor for the #151. Chris's car would get the motor installed the day before the race. Going out in hot laps Chris would have to slow down early for an oil leak on the motor. After tightening up some oil lines and adding power steering fluid to the car Chris was ready for his qualifying effort. Chris was second to last out for qualifying and put in a 12th place qualifying effort giving him the 2nd starting position in the third heat race. In the heat race Chris struggled with fuel issues as the car loaded up with fuel on each restart. This would result in Chris losing one spot on the first start and one spot on a restart, giving him the 4th finishing position. Chris would get his qualifying time back for the main event putting him inside of the fifth row for the 30-lap feature race. After a slow start Chris would have to regain some positions on the rough track. Early in the race Chris went to the topside of the race track battling with cars until a yellow flag on lap 18. With 12 laps to go Chris was wore out from rough track and having not raced in 4 months. The rest of the race Chris was just hanging onto the car along the rough track. The car got tighter throughout the race as the holes got bigger resulting in some bicycling, wheelies, and rough rides. Chris was able to gain one more position before the checkered flag giving him the 11th finishing position. He will have his work cut out for him in order to be ready for the 101-lap race coming up at Petulma Speedway in on October 6, 2012.

USAC West Coast Sprints - Kings Speedway

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Chris returned from his 3 months in Europe eager to get back into the sprint car. His return would be in Hanford at Kings Speedway. Chris was trying a new shock setup from CSI. Chris was one of the last cars to go out for qualifying and managed a 9th with drivers just thousands of a second ahead of him. In the heat race Chris got a good start and was second going into turn one. He held the position and the gap to the leader until the final lap when the car started to hike up and Chris had to get out of the throttle allowing a car to get underneath going into the next corner, giving him 3rd in the heat. In the main event Chris started outside of the 4th row. After losing a few spots on the first lap Chris found the high line early and began to pick off cars each lap. Chris would stay inside of the top 10 for most of the race. With just laps to go a yellow would come out giving Chris the 8th position. On the last restart Chris was able to gain one more position before the checkered flag giving him the 7th overall position.

Stock 600cc Micro - Plaza Park Raceway

Friday, September 7, 2012


On Friday Chris returned to racing for the first time in after 3 months. Having arrived from just days before the race from spending 12 weeks in Europe Chris was excited to get back behind the wheel. However, problems followed him throughout the night. In qualifying the throttled cable would come apart on the first lap leaving Chris without a time. That would put him last in the heat race. By the time Ennis made it to the track it was already dry slick. Aftering trying a pass on the high side Chris lost control and hit the inside berm bending a shock and ending his race. He would start dead last for the main event inthe 21st position. After the first red flagged start Chris was told his right rear tire was going flat and had less than 2 pounds of air in it. He chose to stay out and run the bottom of the race track. After a few missed incidents and yellow flags Chris would finish the race in 12th with his flat tire.

Ennis sits 6th in USAC West Coast Points of 44 Drivers

Sunday, May 6, 2012



Prior to May 11, Tulare




1. Ryan Bernal 199

2. Bud Kaeding 181

3. Markus Niemela 178

4. Danny Faria Jr. 175

5. Matt Mitchell 146

6. Chris Ennis 118

7. Steve Conrad 101

8. Rusty Carlile 97

9. Kevin Barnes 96

10. Justyne Hamblin 96


Round 3 - USAC West Coast 360 Sprint Cars

Saturday, May 5, 2012


The track a Santa Maria was very dry and rough early in the day. The Chris Ennis Racing entry went out for qualifying around midway through the 26 car field. Qualifying would put the #86 on outside of the front row in the second heat race. Chris battled with Justyne Hamblin for the lead at the halfway point of the heat but would finish second, giving him the 15th starting position in the A-main. The A main was a ‘catfish’ style race with all the cars on the bottom of the dry slick Santa Maria racing surface. After a bad start and a few early yellows Chris was sitting 12th on restart around the halfway point. Working his way through the pack the #86 was sitting in the 9th position at the final restart of the race. After a rough entry into turn 1 Chris would make his way into the 8th position before the checkered flag. After making his way past 7 cars on the one-line race track Chris was only 1 position shy of getting the ‘Hard-Charger’ Award.

Round 2 - USAC West Coast 360 Sprint Cars

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Round 2 was held at Kings Speedway in Hanford, California. The day was off to a slow start qualifying in the 19th position. After starting on the front row of the heat race Chris was quick to take the lead into turn 1, leading the heat race. On lap 7 Chris would bicycle into turn 1 allowing Rusty Carlile inside to take the lead. Chris would finish second in the heat giving him the 16th starting position. With a rough track (and later finding bent torque tube from the week before still on the car) Chris made his was up 5 spots to finish in the 11th position.

Round 1 - USAC West Coast 360 Sprint Cars

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Chris was excited to race Bakersfield because it is a second home to him. After a good qualifying effort of 12th he would start outside of the second row for the heat race. However, it ended up being a rough start to the day with a flip in the heat race caused by Chris’s shoelace holding the throttle wide open after he had gotten into the wall.The screw scrambled to get the car back together for the B-main, but luckily it was called off due to too many cars scratching from the field. The crew pieced the car backed together as best as they could at the track and chris started 17th for the main event. Chris quickly started to make his way up the field and with just a few laps to go was inside of the top 10 on the last restart. After Chris got into the cushion too hard into turn 3 on the restart the Jacobs’ ladder bent as he fought to hold position. Finally coming across the line three-wide finishing 11th, still picking up 6 spots.

2012 Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals Wednesday, January 11, 2012 Chris’s qualifying night was Wednesday of Chili Bowl week. After a good day of practicing Monday the team was ready to hit the track for their chance on Wednesday afternoon. Heat races are scored based on passing points and finishing position. Starting inside of the third row Chris would quickly move up two positions into the third spot. WIth a short track and very few laps passes must be made without hesitation. Coming out of turn four on to take the white flag the car in second made a mistake allowing Chris to slip inside and take away the second position entering turn 1 on the final lap. Between his finishing position and passing points from his heat race Chris would move directly into one of the Wednesday night qualifiers. Passing points and finishing positions from both the heat race and qualifier would be added together to determine the first 16 drivers in the nights A-main feature. Chris qualified for the Wednesday night A feature in the 11 position inside of row six. The A feature for the night was 25 laps of hard racing. After the drop of the green flag racing continued caution free until inside 5 laps to go when Chris was given a wheel coming out of turn four putting him into the catch fence and taking him out of the feature. With the finishing position from Wednesday night Chris would be placed in the ‘D’ feature in Saturdays alphabet soup. 

Ennis Finishes 8th in USAC Points Standings

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chris Ennis was able to finish in the top 10 in point in the USAC Western Midget Championship Standings after a rough year of racing. Missing all of the pavements races and with some bad mechanical luck this year Ennis still able to clinch the 2012 USAC Western Midget Rookie of the Year award.

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